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3 7 77

by Aran Buzzas

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Well the state of the world is enough to make you lose your mind, I went out drinkin' and I guess I crossed the line; 'Cause when I looked down at my watch I'd swear it stopped this afternoon, But in fact I'll need to head to work pretty soon. It was then that I thought of my sweet love back at home; That darling gal didn't know, she was gonna sleep alone. It was time for me to head on home, but I knew I couldn't drive; If I got behind the wheel right then, I might not survive. Well it must have been the drinking that kept me out all night, It's been hours since she turned out the light. And even though it's raining I think I'll sleep outside; 'Cause the thunder and the lightning beats the weather inside. Since walking was my fate I had some pavement to pound. So I figured it couldn't hurt to have just one more round. Well imagine my surprise when I heard the words “last call”; I ordered one more for the road, then started on my haul. Quarter to three, quarter to four, and I'm lost in the dark; And I keep fighting off the urge to just take a nap in the park. As I stomped home through the rain and mud, my heart was filled with dread; 'Cause I knew that the other half had long since gone to bed. Well I don't know what I was thinking, but it wasn't right; She's locked the door to keep me out of her sight. And even though I'm sober, I've yet to regain my pride; 'Cause the thunder and the lightning beats the weather inside.
Well there's not too much I'm good at, but I know how to have fun; And I've done my share of sinnin', just like everyone. I spent a bit of time on the pleasure of the flesh; Right and wrong can be a thin line, and it's a brutal test. Well I ain't gonna sleep with another man's woman again; No I ain't gonna sleep with another man's woman again. I can't say it wasn't worth it, but the guy he don't deserve it, So I guess we'll just stay friends. Maybe it was her idea, she might be a big tease; Or it could be you're that desperate, for a firm feeling woman to squeeze. I'll admit I've made mistakes before, it didn't always turn out good. But when you're fooling 'round with another man's gal, I'm not sure it should. CHORUS It's good to know your weakness, and I sure as hell know mine. The strangest things can happen after sharing several bottles of wine. They tell me that there's plenty of fish, swimming in the sea; But before you cast out your line, make sure that she's free. CHORUS twice
Cougar Bait 04:28
When I hit the bars, it's often on my own; My friends they all have work or kids, I don't mind to be alone. I'd like to meet a gal, some sweet good hearted lover; But she's gotta be closer in age to me than to my mother. I never really fit in this era that we're livin', I guess I was born too late; And I wonder if that's why when I go out at night, I wind up cougar bait. Cougar's like to dance, or some they just stare; Everybody gets lonesome from time to time, but I'm not going there. A gentleman I'm not, but I try not to be rude; But if you're twice my age I'm sorry lady: find another dude. Cougars aren't mean they just want some love, But I'm not volunteering to be her man-cub. If they're not too old, then they're too damn young; It's best not to mess around with a girl whose daddy might have a gun. I've never been the type of guy to treat a woman like a piece of meat; But these days all I seem to attract is cougars in heat.
It was a muggy August night when Willie came to town; Lightning flashed through purple clouds, and an osprey flew around. The cowboys, punks and hippies all had gathered at the site; I can't say that I'm too surprised but I'll never forget that night. The legend loomed large in my mind as we waited patiently; Remembering myself in the basement raiding my parents old LPs. Much more than a singer even then I realized, If it was up to me we'd give ol' Willie the Nobel Prize. There were all different kinds of people there, And a familiar pungent aroma filled the air; I'll tell the children all about it one day, The night that I saw Willie play. “Whiskey River” started the set like is has for forty years; And I didn't know how lucky I was to see him with Bee Spears. He may be past his prime but the man still sounded great, I hope I'm that good at anything when I reach seventy-eight. Singers come and singers go, just a handful stick around; The impact that show had on my life was certainly profound. That honky tonkin' heritage sure makes me feel proud, To strum and sing my lonesome songs for the nightlife crowd.
Biggest Fool 04:44
Saturday morning and I wake up at noon, Would've slept longer but the cat wants her food. Hit the town last night 'cause I just got paid, Now guess what happened to that money that I made. Bought some food, paid the rent, and cleared some bills, And for those cold nights a bottle of Bushmills. I wish that I had saved some cash, I should have known; Now I'm flat busted with two weeks to go. A working man's life ain't always a wreck, But I'm still living paycheck to paycheck. Never known it any other way, Thirteen days to payday. You don't need money to be complete, But I still work my ass off just to make ends meet. I wouldn't want to be rich, that's for damn sure; But I wouldn't mind feeling just a little bit secure. The way that I'm living ain't gonna change, I don't think my situation here is all that strange. Before you even get paid the money's spent, And no-one's getting much help from that government.
Well I'd rather have a flyrod than an ipod, And I'd rather have my guitar than a job; And I've been driving all night just to get me gone, And it's already time for moving on. If Jesus Christ could really turn water into wine And he was here right now, he'd be a friend of mine. But as it is I'm sober and all alone, Blessed and cursed to roam. I had a place called home when I was younger, But I left for reasons I'd rather not discuss; I know I'll go back one day to die, Tell my friends I said goodbye. My thumb and my own two feet, That's all I really need. I just keep rambling down the road It's the only life I've known. I drink from the river and sleep beneath the stars, And it's been this way for many many years. Ever since I was a boy I've roamed from town to town, Maybe you've seen me around.
Well there's no such thing as happy endings, 'cause nothing really ever ends; But there's such a thing as good times with family and friends. I thought that was what we had, brick by brick we'd build a life; I figured that's what she thought too when she became my wife. But now she's gone and thrown me out, it caught me off my guard; Any heart she's got beneath that chest must be cold and hard. What she expects to get out of me is sure a mystery; But one thing I'll be taking back is my Irish whiskey! She's trying to rob me and take what's mine, And now she's wasted so much of my time. I didn't want to see her face, I knew it would be risky; But I still went back for my whiskey. My best man's now helping me move out, I wouldn't go on my own; Just in case that crazy wife turned out to be home. In fact she was, and not alone with her smug little stare; We were on the porch out in the cold when I thought of a bottle to share. So I opened the door and I walked right in, and I strode across the room; While my soon-to-be-ex watched me, her eyes all full of doom. I took my whiskey in front of her face and I headed on out the door; We finished it off before we left that empty bottle on the floor.
All around the world there's lots of pretty girls, they're everywhere I go; But your soft hair and subtle smile is all I want to know. From Montana to West Virginia, living day to day; But the sweet love that you wrap around me makes me want to stay. Of everything that I do, none compares to you. Up in the holler, picking wildflowers, sipping Pocahontas County shine. Laughing, singing, swimming in the creek, and mostly feeling fine. The green, green grass of these ancient hills is like compost for my soul; But that wide open road is calling my name, and now I've gotta go. Of everything that I do, none compares to you. So I headed back west at summers end, for that Arizona sand; But I missed the streams and that northwest green; I'm just a mountain man. So back up north to old Montana, the place where I was born; Where if I'm more lucky than I deserve she's still waiting to keep me warm. Of everything that I do, none compares to you. Of all the states that I've been through, none compares to you.
Colleen 04:25
It was in the spring of my eighteenth year, I first met that young Colleen; There was starlight in her deep brown eyes, reflecting all the places she'd seen. The way she smiled and caught my eye, I felt compelled to linger; By the end of the night after several pints, I'd wrapped myself around her finger. A lilac in spring, will wither too soon; Our love might be true, but there'll be no honeymoon. With reckless abandon I courted her they, from Kilkenny to Dingle Bay; Never stopping to consider the path we were on, just young lovers at play. She gave to me a love so sweet, I'd never know the likes of it before; But now if I'm ever to escape my grief, I'll board a ship for foreign shore. With summer gone and the days growing short, we set a date to be wed; On the first of November after Samhain's feast, she'll join me in the marriage bed. I couldn't see it was not meant to be, something just wasn't right; Beneath the harvest moon she took her own life, I'm a widower on my wedding night. Oh it took no time at all, for romance to bloom; Now my sweet bride is lying in a tomb.


released May 16, 2013

Aran Buzzas: lead vocals, acoustic guitar, bodhran

Travis Yost: stand-up and electric bass, drums, harmony vocals

Caroline Keys: clawhammer banjo, harmony vocals

Gibson Hartwell: pedal steel and straight steel guitars

Grace Decker: fiddle

Sam Nasset: telecaster

Andy Dunnigan: dobro

Mike Dunn: harmony vocals

Britt Arnesen: harmony vocals

Matt Cornette: banjo

Nate Biehl: mandolin

All songs written by Aran Buzzas except The Weather Inside (Mike Dunn/Aran Buzzas), and Whiskey In the Jar (traditional)
Recorded and mixed by Travis Yost, Year of the Kangaroo Recording
Mastered by Carl Saff
No synthesizers, auto-tune, or other digital trickery.
Cover artwork by Tal Connor
Layout and design by Groundswell Media Productions


all rights reserved



Aran Buzzas Missoula, montana

Aran Buzzas is a singer/songwriter from Missoula, MT who plays homegrown Montana folky tonk! Traditional and outlaw country sounds are mixed with a dash of Irish folk music in Aran's songs, which deal with real-life themes in an entertaining and relate-able way, often with a regional back-drop, and characterized by aggressive rhythm guitar, strong vocals, and lyrics both amusing and heart-felt. ... more

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